Rainforest Jumperoo Product Details & Prices

Rainforest Jumperoo Product Details

This jumperoo is a great activity station for any baby, offering hours of fun and stimulation. with lots of toys and activities included in the package and brightly coloured rainforest animals your baby will be kept entralled. Baby can jump to make sounds and music, and jumperoo encourages developing motor skills and stimulates the senses.

* Features a bobbling elephant, swinging monkey, spinning lizard plus lots more
* Featuring a seat that rotates a full 360 degrees, baby can reach every one of the toys
* Baby's jumping is rewarded with lights, sounds and music
* Includes: 2 interchangeable and adjustable leaves with hanging soft toys for stimulation from above
* Includes 10 animal friends
* Height adjustable to 3 positions
* Seat pad can be removed for cleaning
* High back seat for additional support
* Compact fold for storage
* Suitable from when a child can sit unaided to 25lbs


I have just got this Rainforest Jumperoo today and it is worth every penny and is a must have for any mum.

My 4 month old son usually gets really bored of all his millions of toys, he absolutly loves his jumparoo.

If you only ever buy one toy for your child this has to be the one. I would recommend you buy it when your child is 3 month old or when he/she can hold their head up.
It will last you till your child is 26 pounds which is very good.

Review 2

I bought this Rainforest Jumperoo for my eight week old son for two reasons - he needs constant stimulation and he is quite freaky in that he has been holding his head up from birth and gets very frustrated at the majority of toys aimed at his age range that expect him to lie down - which he doesn't like doing.

As long as your little baby can support his head then this Rainforest Jumperoo is fantastic. I did have to hold my breath when I pressed add to basket because of the price but I can see this being used for a long time to go. He very quickly caught on that if he wiggled his legs up and down then the noise came on. He then figured out that if he wiggled his legs and waited until the elephant noise and wiggled again he could make a continous noise with very little effort. I can see the noises it makes driving me mental very quickly but after playing in this and then having a bath he actually slept for eight hours which is a record and was written in the diary with delight.

Also because he is smaller than this Rainforest Jumperoo is intended for he can quite happily gnaw on the seat whilst he is in it then make random grabs at the toys around him.

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September 27, 2021
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