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The Rainforest Jumperoo is manufactured by the globally known Fisher price brand. As the best loved, most trusted name in toys, Fisher Price have been helping to make childhood special for generations of kids... as a matter of fact, Fisher-Price was probably part of your childhood! The Group still make some of those favourite toys, but its employee's talent, energy and ideas have helped us keep pace with the interests and needs of today's families. For example, during the past 10 years, Fisher Price earned high regard for our innovative car seats and nursery monitors, and recently teamed with Microsoft® to develop an activity table that teaches infants through preschoolers with its "smart technology." Through licensing agreements, the Fisher-Price brand appears on many categories of children's products as well as toys, including software, books, eyewear, bicycles and more. Rainforest Jumperoo More >>>

Rainforest Jumperoo Product Details & Prices

Rainforest Jumperoo Product Details

This Rainforest Jumperoo is a great activity station for any baby: It will offer hours and hours of captivating pleasure and entertainment for any little one. The perfect Christmas gift for any toddler in 2008.

Amazon Review: We bought this jumperoo for our baby when he was just over 6 months. We bought this one as lots of his friends had walkers, bouncers etc, but our baby gets bored with everything very quickly! This jumperoo has so many things on that it kept him entertained for a couple of half hours for a good couple of days before he even discovered he could bounce like a nutter in it! Now he's bouncing and spinning round in it and I'm as entertained as he is! I can even leave him in it for around 20 minutes to play on his own, with Thomas The Tank Engine on the telly as well and with how quickly my baby gets bored I never thought that would ever happen! Expensive item, but as long as you get it early enough when they are around 6 or 7 months then I think it's worth the money. More...

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September 27, 2021
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